Mary Webb and Shropshire


The Bridge at Clun

Last year I spent a weekend exploring what I later learnt was called Mary Webb country, I stopped at Bishops castle for a coffee and found a book in the Yarborough coffee shop/ bookshop it was a biography. I read this and then later read her books which are amazing I was surprised to find that she is relatively unknown these days. If you want somewhere nice to explore head to Shropshire and Mary Webb country, take along some of her beautiful poetry or maybe one of her novels and soak it up.

When on the moss green hill the wandering wind
Drowses and lays his brazen trumpet down,
When snow fed waters gurgle, cold and brown,
And wintered birds creep from stacks to find
Solace, while each bright eye begins to see
A visionary nest in every tree
Let us away, out of the murky day
Of sullen towns, into the silver noise
Of woods where every bud has found her way
Sunward and every leaf has found a voice.

Mary Webb

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