Burford Cotswolds

The main street of the pretty town of Burford is lined with the most beautiful buildings, all built in the lovely warm Cotswold stone.  The grass verges in front of them complete the idyllic picture.

The town gets very busy in the summer months, as its very popular;  with the many shops, cafes and restaurants attracting visitors from far and wide.

The town is full of history and the magnificent wool church of St. John the Baptist is beautiful inside and well worth a visit.  Oliver Cromwell used it as a prison for the Levellers in the english civil war and is a very intersting place to visit in its own right.  Lookout for the font with the carved name of one of the prisoners still visible on the rim; the  inscription reads  “Anthony Sedley 1649 Prisnr.”

This terrible episode did not end well as three of the leaders were executed in the grounds by firing squad, whilst the rest watched from the roof.  The group objected to fighting in Ireland as they said they had fought in the war against the Royalists and Ireland was not their concern.

To see more on the cotswolds visit abcbritain.com.

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